They’ve done them selves proud

February 20, 2007 | In Life

A huge portion of my heart goes out to the two brothers of Annabel Catt, who died on the weekend. Both Annabel’s older brothers just delivered an interview with TripleJ on Hack and they’ve done them selves very proud.
Considering the circumstances, they were extremely articulate and I think got the message they wanted to show across extremely well.
You might be able to listen to the interview at the TripleJ website, but currently there is no link to the audio clip.
What makes this even more haunting for me than any of the other deaths I hear about is Annabel died in the suburb next to mine and was Vice Captian of the local high school.

I hope Annabel’s death proves a timely reminder for all of those people who take drugs, prompting them to think twice. Only just last weekend I was asked, by some random guy, in the city outside the PumpHouse if I had any drugs on me I could sell – so you can’t deny that we’ve got a drug problem on our hands in Sydney.

God Bless you Annabel


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