Take cover! It’s another YouTube hit!

September 4, 2006 | In Life

I’m wondering how long this is going to last. Teen after teen gaining international stardom on YouTube for being reasonalby good looking and showing some talent (but often not alot).
I opened up the Sydney Morning Herald website this afternoon and find the headline “Caitlin raps her way to YouTube success”. How long will her success last or how long before she gets sick of being in the YouTube high beam and just leave it all behind like Emmalina, whom I have alot of respect for.
Some could say I’m jealous of their success, but I really don’t think this is my thing. Perhaps if I was behind the camera (or webcam as the case may be), I’d have a different opinion – but I really don’t find Caitlin’s rap entertaining, let alone interesting.
She may be quite attractive, and she’s probably a very talented and nice person, but I highly doubt that her YouTube stardom really shows who she is – something that I’d rather see in a person than someone who’s trying to be someone to entertain a world full of internet users.
Would the internet community act the same if it was a 16-19 year old boy doing a similar thing? I wonder how long till we see someone try.


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