Stu Robinson Promo Shoot

May 5, 2012 | In Life

Stu working his magic during the shoot!

Stu Robinson is an up and coming magician and evangelist who is performing across the Northern Beaches of Sydney and beyond. He recently had a bunch of promotional material created including a new website and postcards to hand out.

As part of gathering material to include on the new advertising, Stu asked me to shoot photos for him. Fiona Learned (who also designed his postcards) art-directed the shoot. We used some unconventional forms of lighting, in that we used some LED par cans to light Stu, instead of traditional strobes, or tungsten lit soft boxes. I found that this created a great contrast in both colour, which we were able to adjust, and light intensity. We ended up using mainly a mix of blue, red and purple, with some slightly blue whites for fill from the front.

You can see examples of this work in use at:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any inside secrets on the art of magic, but still had a great time doing the shoot!

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