Pace Farm – Biggest Loser Promotion

March 19, 2012 | In Web Development

Recently, Pace Farm approached Fiona and I again, after the work we did on the very successful HOP Promotion last year. This year we were commissioned to do a landing page for a promotion Pace is doing in conjunction with The Biggest Loser Club and Shannan Ponton.

Pace Farm - Biggest Loser Promo Mobile version

The mobile version of the site

We implemented two versions of the site, one for desktop browsers, and also one for modern smart phones, after finding that over 1 in 5 visitors to the HOP website used a mobile device (predominantly Apple’s iPhone) to access the site.

The mobile version was predominantly built using new CSS3 standards which we’ve found are supported across most devices, and both versions of the site used Google Web Fonts to enhance the appearance and user experience. We used CSS3 drawing tools to replace some graphics that would otherwise increase load time over a 3G connection, with great results.

While the competition is still running (until around the end of April) you can check out our work at

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