Microsoft TechEd Australia: Student Day

August 26, 2006 | In Microsoft

Well, TechEd, held last week, was really quite a waste of time! Gab (a friend from Uni) and I went down for Studnet Day in hope of finding some really cool displays, but the most exciting thing was a huge ammount of Xbox’s and a huge array of Dell’s showing Vista. We all laughed when Gab got a Microsoft app running inside Vista to crash, but unfortunately he closed the window before I got a photo!
However, kudos must go to the guy at the ComputerAssociates stall who gave us a CA Towel, beanie and Pen! I was quite impressed by the display at the Intel stand with a really awesome gaming rigg running Fear through a large flat screen HDTV.
As always, I took some shots of the event, and here’s the best of the selection.
TechEd Display
Gab on the XBox
Dell's at TechEd
Gab Playing Fear
XBox Car
I’ve hopefuly got a copy of Vista in the mail, but I’m not sure if it will arrive – not that I’ve got a machine to run it on at the moment anyway!

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