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March 21, 2007 | In Life, Tech, Web 2.0

So from 12pm till 2pm today my face was clogging up tubes of the internet around the world as I sat in the booth for the Chaser’s War on Everything Season 2 countdown that is streaming across the world. I started off doing a Diggnation style program (minus the beer and a guy using a PC laptop), which was awesome. Some guy from Melbourne messaged in and said Diggnation was awesome, which it definately is!

You can visit the site at:

Mad Props go to those that put this thing together, and the crew from the Bored of Studies for texting and calling me with stuff, also to the girl who texted me and said I was cute.. huge props to you ;).

Meanwhile, I might be back on during Friday morning (local time) from 2/3am till about 8am or so. I’m aiming to do a breakfast style program, with news of the day, maybe some interviews with people, and of course plugging the Chaser Which returns to the ABC at 9pm on Wednesday March 28th (if you hadn’t heard me say that before).

If I do it (and I’ll let you all know of specific times in the next 24 hours), I’d love to have people write in with things they want me to talk about.

Visit my contact page (above) to get my details!


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