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July 15, 2006 | In Life

A little while ago I started this thread in the Electronic Gaming Group (at UTS) forums, and received a fair amount of interest, but unfortunately, it seems that this project is going to fail to get off the ground – so I’ll turn to the power of blogging to drum up help!

Basically my goal is to start a monthly IPTV show about gaming in a cross between the styles of Hak.5 and DL.TV which would go for about 30 – 45 minutes.

Segment Ideas:

  • News (new games/hardware, upcoming games, general industry news)
  • Reviews (hardware and software)
  • Lan’in it Up (talking about the more technical side of Lan parties.. servers, network gear etc to give the sort of gaming/tech balance I would like to acheive in the production.. but that balance is open to comment).
  • Hacks and Mods (maybe part of this segment can be for viewers to send in pictures of their own hacks/mods and we pick our favourites each episode).

Show name idea is: Get In The Game (sorry AJ2007 guys ;)).

If you’re keen to be part of this project, live in Sydney (or Newcastle/Maitland area), under 26 and keen for some laughs and get your face plastered on the internet, drop me a line!


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