iLife and iWork ’08 Preview

August 9, 2007 | In Apple

iLife 08 banner
I’m not going to say a lot about the new iLife and iWork yet, but it looks really awesome! It’s just another reason for anyone to switch from a PC to a Mac.
They seem to be pusing the new version of iPhoto quite a bit, from what I’ve seen and read, but I wont be using it since I’ll be getting aperture in the next few days. The new GarageBand looks great though, especially multi-take recording. When I can afford a good audio interface for my mac, I’ll have everything I’ll need to start recording demos for the band at church and iMovie adding support for AVCHD is great for a couple of friends who haven’t been able to edit video from their recently purchased camera until now.
Glenn Wolsey (a great blogger from New Zealand) talked about the new versions of iLife and iWork here. I’m sure he’ll write up something before I do about the new products as he’s already got them on order.
I’ve got a 3 hour product breifing/training session with Apple hopefully in the next few weeks, so I’ll rave on about the products after I learn the inside outs of the new versions of the software.
Until then, check out the video tour guide for iWork. It’s a great way of finding out what’s new and if it’s worth upgrading for you!

– james

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