We’re back!!

April 22, 2006 | In Life, Social, University

After the 2nd server crash in a month (the 2nd time being my own fault) we’re back!!! Hopefuly I wont go and stuff up the kernel images and boot sequence of my Debian install now and make my server redundant. I’ve moved from Fedora Core to Debian, and so far it seems a far nicer Linux distribution to work with (apt-get saves my butt over and over again).

Also, now I’ve moved to Debian, I’ll be setting up decent FTP and web-hosting fairly soon, so if you’d like to have something stored or hosted, let me know. I’m going to wait a few weeks and see how the hardware holds up, and get some data backup systems in place, but once that’s done I’m all set to go!

I’m back down in Sydney tomorrow to start the 2nd half of my first semester at UTS on Monday. I have an exam the first day back, and then ANZAC day off, so I’ll have to see how I go with all that. Spending time at home has been good, and its been good to see all my friends again – shoutouts to all my friends!!

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions!!


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