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November 4, 2006 | In Tech

Looks like the R&D department at Yahoo has been doing some work recently. One night, while bored at Uni, I searched for ‘Flickr Visualizations’ and found a Yahoo! developed project calledTagLines.
It’s basically a cool (very Web2.0) flash application that shows you the most used tags on a particular day for just over a year during 2004/2005. It’s a pretty nice looking app, and really interesting to see what people were tagging on certain days. You’re able to quickly select a particular date or just let it ‘play’ through the dates and watch the tags and come related photos scroll by. Popular tags that stood out to me were the London Train Bombings, Burningman 2005, Australia Day and Bloggercon.
Make sure you check it out if you’re a flickr fan, and haven’t seen it already!


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