Famous logos Web 2.0 Style

July 26, 2006 | In Tech

Shadows, reflections, gradients and some bright colours – all that you need to make a Web 2.0 logo. But what would happen when you took some existing logos, and applied the Web 2.0 treatment to them?
Thanks to a story on Digg you’re able to see some great redesigns of some famous logos of companies, bands and web-services with all the flash and brilliance that is Web 2.0.
Here’s a couple of my favourites!

QuackrStarbucks Coffee Web 2.0
Starbucks Coffee – Have you ever payed less than $4?
Red Hot Chili Peppers Web 2.0
RHCP = Red Hot Chili Peppers (American Band)
Quicksilver Web 2.0

You can see more of these great peices of art on flickr and the original website (warning some periodic bad language in peoples forum posts may offend). Credit to the artwork featured above goes to the talented artists who photoshopped to their hearts content – information on the artists is avaliable at the YayHooray link.

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