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August 22, 2006 | In Church, Life

A huge round of applause goes to Sunbury Downs Secondary College student, Jamie Derman, for standing for her Chrsitianity when her principal asked her to remove her necklace, featuring a cross, recently. This story has received quite alot of local media attention from the Sydney Morning Herald, and international attention from website
From the article on the SMH Website:
“A committed Christian, Jamie said the cross had replaced a lost baptism gift and had sentimental value.
‘Because I have to cover it up, it’s like they’re saying to me I have to cover up what I believe in,’ she told Sky News.”

For a person to be so firm in their faith, I believe, isn’t easy in todays world and Jamie’s actions make a prime example of a Christian who should be modeled by those who have trouble shairing their faith with others. Jamie is obviously a well respected student having receiving a Principal’s Award (PDF) in May of this year, from the schools previous principal. This makes me question if Jamie was singled out by the new principal because of her beleifs or was just used as an example to reinforce the jewlery policy of the school.
Jamie, if you’re reading this – I’d love for you to contact me!


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