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June 23, 2014 | In Church, Life

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Off the back of some great Take Love projects that happened through our church youth community over the weekend, I found the article ‘Where Did the Christians Go? Conservative Complicity after Budget 2014‘, from a few weeks ago very interesting – particularly as someone looking from the inside of the moderately conservative christian culture, to our secular world.

In particular, these two quotes struck me, and challenged my thinking as someone who lives in the electorate of Tony Abbott, but is disenfranchised with both political parties’ stance on a few key ethical issues including foreign aid, people who are seeking asylum here in Australia, and supporting people living on a low income.

Could it be that the church is more worried about losing our government benefits than about Australia’s most vulnerable losing theirs?

Indeed, if measured by the urgency and effort of our political engagement alone, our Christian value system might be summarised as: “It’s fine if Australians live in poverty, as long as gay people can’t get married.”

As Christians, our response to the Gospel of Jesus should be, in part, a desire to see those sick, in poverty and under oppression, cared for. As I read the article, I thought to my self, “am I doing anything to present a Gospel-centered perspective to those in our parliament who design policies that affect millions of people locally, and abroad”.

I’d highly recommend both this article, and this slightly-tounge-in-cheek article by Chris Bedding, if you’re interested in recent articles relating to politics and social justice from a Christian world view.

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