CeBIT blog and a Kevin Rose podcast

May 21, 2006 | In Tech

Just a short post today, in keeping up with my effort to start posting every day or two, but how long that will stand is anyones guess!
Last night, after my last post, I found the ‘Official’ CeBIT blog at This is a pretty cool look at some of the behind and infront of the scenes at CeBIT. Videos and pictures enhance the experience and some of the cooler booths and products are talked about. It’s worth a look if you went to CeBIT, but didn’t get a change to get around everything.
Also, I was checking out the blog of Kevin Rose and came across his first, in what might be a series of, audio blog podcasts. In this 5 minute session, Kevin talks about the rumoured ‘GDrive’ from Google. It’s a bit out of date (March 14) at the time of posting, but it’s still worth a listen to the comments from one of my favourite tech journalists and web developers.
My last CeBIT roundup will be coming in the next few days.


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