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May 2, 2007 | In Life

I’ve just checked out a booth that I looked at last year, Altec Computers.

Altech is the creator of the Maestro, a high end multimedia/home entertainment centre. It’s a High-def PVR that runs Windows Vista Ultimate, a step up from XP Home Media Centre that it ran last year.
The specs on the device have also got a boost. The high end device now has a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2.13Ghz) and a nVidia 7600, however the memory at 2GB I think remains unchanged. The unit has a total storage capacity of 1.6TB and can be used with a NAS device that is also distributed by Altec (pictured to the right of the Maestro).
The Maestro has all the outputs you’d expect from a high end device; HDMI, DVI, Optical S/PDIF, 8 Channel analog audio and a typical PC line in/mic in audio jack. It’s also got wired (1GB) and wireless (802.11b/g) networking.
The rep I talked to said the high end box retailed for about $3500, so it’s definately an enthuiast device, but there are 4 versions of the Maestro for those not wanting to fork out the money for this high end unit.

Altec have also been running a gaming competition on NRG overclocked PC’s, offering a 1GB USB flash drive for the winner of 3 consecutive rounds (first to 5 frags each round).

I’m off to try and get a look at some Netgear NAS devices!


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