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February 26, 2007 | In Life

Ahhh, where would I get my daily entertainment if it wasn’t for myspace – and the weird errors/messages it chucks out at you from time to time.
Take this latest one for example, while I was trying to edit my “Top 16” friends (out of the 202 I have) – click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version.
MySpace No Friends Error

Seriously, they need to hire some people who can actually get their stuff together – or perhaps just let it keep breaking so I can laugh at every stupid message, error, or irregularity that it spits out at me. Somehow I think I should find this error a little insulting though – a computer is finally confirming what some people told me in early high school.

Stay tuned for some more MySpace errors soon – I’m sure they won’t be too far away.

– james

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